Pearl Knowledge



The larger the size, the higher the price. But price jumps between pearl sizes are often uneven. Large pearls are more difficult to cultivate because of the large size of the implanted nucleus. There is an increased likelihood that the oyster will reject the nucleus.


 The brilliance and the soul of pearls. This chief evaluating factor separates the inferior pearls from the superior and the ordinary from the extraordinary.


 You may not directly see how the pearl nacre effects the beauty and value of pearls. But it does! A very thin nacre thickness could reduce pearl luster, color evenness and durability and could never make a fine quality pearl. Freshwater pearls have a very thick pearl nacre.


Making perfection is obviously not the goal of Mother Nature. Surface imperfections are part of a pearl's natural texture and proof of the pearl's genuineness. Even though a pearl is considered more valuable when the surface imperfections are minimal, we should positively consider them more than negative when evaluating pearls.


Pealrs come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white all the way to black. The natural color of pearls results from a combination of body color, overtone and iridesence. The wearer's preference determines what color is the best for him/her. Fashion trends and color demand effects different color pearl prices. But it is still important to find a color that is rich and evenly distributed on the pearl.

Shape Round/Off-round/Drop/Oval/Button/Clrcle/Baroque

Prices go down the line of different shapes. Perfectly round pearls are rarest and most valued. Symmetrical pearls are more valuable than baroque. However, baroque pearls, with their various shapes, can inspire talented jewelers or artists and be created into some amazing arts.

Freshwater Pearls Grading System

Grading Round Off-round Drop Baroque Button
AAA  luster : Excellent ;  Surface: Little Blemished ; Nacre : Very Thick ; N/A
AA+  luster : Very High ;  Surface: Very Slightly Blemished ; Nacre : Very Thick ;
AA  luster : High ;  Surface: Slightly Blemished ; Nacre : Thick ;